Programmer Naming Conventions: Comic Strip

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

— Phil Karlton


This blog is all about the naming things part.

First things first. My name is Dan, nickname H or Hintee.

I’m a software engineer, working in software development for more than 15 years, in outsourcing, products and start-ups in various roles from dev to CTO. I wrote very little C++, very little Java, some PHP, lots of JavaScript and a plethora of C# code.

If you ask me C# is the dream when it comes to programming languages. It’s expressive, semantic, well-thought, very tidy, super easy to read. I think that even a non-developer is able to read and understand to a great extent a C# piece of code.

I’m also not very fond of conventions, but I’m very well aware that conventions are absolutely necessary to establish a common language within the team, to easily navigate through the solution flow, to help the maintenance process, because, yeah… the code is much more read than written, etc, etc, etc.

Simply put, I like to have a little human touch in the code I write, while keeping the established conventions.

For instance I prefer writing things like:

  • ImAUserRegistrationUseCase instead of IUserRegistrationManager
  • event.HappenedAt instead of event.CreationDate
  • report.AsOf instead of report.DateCreated
  • companyUseCase.FetchDetailsFor(companyId) instead of companyManager.Load(companyId)

These are just a few examples that came in mind, but truth is that I kinda got a reputation for stuff like this.

And so I decided to make some of them public. For fun, for usefulness, for inspiration maybe… to each his own. But that’s how this blog was born.

Enjoy it, hate it, criticize it… but in a constructive way!

P.S. Fleac is romanian for trifle (a thing of little value or importance).

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